badge of honor

Badge of Honor

Yep, I just got kicked out of my first school, OAK MESA ELEMENTARY  for talking about bullying. This is a school that has had lots of BULLYING issues in the past so they invited me to come.

Half way through my talk, the principal took offense with the way the kids laughed at the name Marta the Farta (the name the mean girls had given to the bullied girl in my book) and he asked me to leave.

He said it was INAPPROPRIATE and counterproductive that the children laughed.


It’s amazing isn’t it, in Los Angeles in the year 2014 a principal asks an author of a series of internationally published children’s books that form part of HARPER COLLINS STOP BULLYING+ START READING platform to leave because she is talking about bullying in a way that kids are listening to and learning from.


I must be doing something right.

Kids keep reading.






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