YAY!!!!! Charlie's Amazon's #1 bestseller in it's genre in e-books. So happy you're downloading. Thank you.


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Confessions of A So-Called Middle Child just got its very own Accelerated Reader Quiz! Worth 9 points.

Cover   Good News for all you Accelerated Readers out there looking for books to rack up points- Confessions of A So-called Middle Child has made the cut and the Accelerated Reader quiz is now available. The book sits perfectly at 4 grade, third month and is worth 9 points! Check out www.arbookfind.com to request the quiz and rack up those points! Thanks Renaissance Learning.

badge of honor

Badge of Honor Yep, I just got kicked out of my first school, OAK MESA ELEMENTARY  for talking about bullying. This is a school that has had lots of BULLYING issues in the past so they invited me to come. Half way through my talk, the principal took offense with the way the kids laughed […]

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Read Excerpt from Book 1

  My First Day   I took the stairs like I knew each one by heart and made my way down the crowded hall, packed with kids who had known each other for years. I felt sick. I chose my seat carefully, third row from the front, to the left. I was a master at […]

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Confessions2-1 (dragged)

Confessions Book #2 Check out the new cover!

Sneak Peek at the GREAT new cover for Confessions #2—Watch out Hollywood coming out 9/1/14. That’s Marta looking FAB on the left and the super cool Mr. Bobby Brown on the right. Yes, my friends, Charlie actually makes it to Hollywood and realizes her lifelong dream of her very own TV show. But then, of course, in […]

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calls confessions a must-read for all girls!

Dr. Laura Calls Confessions one of the funniest books she’s read in a long time- Check it out!

  To tell you the truth, I was pretty scared when Dr. Laura was going to review  Confessions. She can be seriously tough. But if there’s one thing Dr. Laura is toughest on it’s putting kids first and teaching them well. So it means a lot to me that she gave the book such an […]

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Confessions Features in Dr. Laura’s Book Club Giveaway

  Recommended Books     Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child   12/16/2013   Written By:  Maria T. Lennon Publisher: Harper Collins From the Press Release Book Description:Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child is a comedy about a 12-year-old girl named Charlie Cooper who gets kicked out of her school in Malibu, is forced to see a […]

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Stop Bullying Start Reading

Confessions is part of Harper Collins Stop Bullying Start Reading collection of books- which is great. Because as you know Charlie is an ex-bully whose trying to give it up for good!

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bn redlands

Thanks Redlands

What a great time- Laurie and Wendy you made it all so smooth. I can’t thank you enough. And kids, thank you for coming out and telling me all about what drives you. I have no doubt I’ll see your names on books soon- Dylan, I’m talking to you!

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