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Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child


Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child




Written By:  Maria T. Lennon
Publisher: Harper Collins

From the Press Release

Book Description:Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child is a comedy about a 12-year-old girl named Charlie Cooper who gets kicked out of her school in Malibu, is forced to see a therapist to stop bullying, scheming and pranking her way through life.Charlie is NO role model.  In fact she’s a mess. And that’s important. Why? Because kids need to see how others struggle with the same issues AND make the same wrong choices that they do.Birth order. Middle kids often feel like they get no attention and are pretty much doomed to failure when they have an older sibling who is always right. Charlie is the classic middle child. But here she’s paving her own way.

Labels suck. When you label a kid ‘Bully” it sticks. It’s hard to get that fresh start with labels all over you.

About the Author:
Maria T. Lennon is a stay at home mom with four kids, two girls and two boys. Her first daughter had no problems at all in school or on the playground. But, from the moment her second one was born, Lennon knew she was different.

As a toddler, she would push others down at the park, eye their sand toys and, when they weren’t looking, take them.

At school, Lennon watched year after year the cliques of girls, the way they withheld invitations but talked about them nonstop. The way they teased and taunted the less popular ones by calling them things like “fat” and then putting a “JK” at the end of each mean word to absolve themselves.  JK stands for just kidding.  But they weren’t kidding. Lennon found it so sad.

Boys were never as mean.

Lennon wanted to write a series of books about how girls treat each other, and she wanted it to be a comedy. Kids hate lessons buried in books. But in this book Charlie is so real and such a mess kids just may get the lesson without realizing it.

Her hope is that girls and women treat each other better.





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